About Us

Green Horizons

We know our industry has had the potential to damage the environment.

go greenWe're extra careful to adopt and follow the best and safest processes. For instance, we use UV inks because they result in less evaporation of solvents and our solvent cleaning supplies are recycled and turned into usable energy.

Sustainable manufacturing

solar panels view of other side of our roofAt Latitude Graphics we appreciate the beauty of our environment and do everything we can to be environmentally responsible. We have recently added a 19.78 kW solar panel system to the roof of our building. We have also added high efficiency lighting to reduce our energy consumption. solar panels on roof of our buildingBetween the Solar panels and energy reduction efforts we have offset over 25% of our energy use. In the past year we have implemented Styrene and PVC recycling programs that have reduced our landfill volume by 30%. Sustainable manufacturing is a priority for us at Latitude Graphics.
styrene and pvc recycling