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Posted: 2014-09-25 12:00:50


Wisconsin Brewing SignOne of the greatest things about living in Wisconsin is the beautiful summers we get to enjoy.  Surrounded by lakes with gorgeous forests to the north, most of us here at Latitude Graphics spend a considerable amount of time outdoors.  And true to our Sconnie roots, we love to pair the sunshine with good friends, good beer and lazy days at the lake.  The summer of 2014 found us having a lot of fun printing labels and beer signs for the Wisconsin Brewing Company.  While labels are our specialty, printing the beer signs brought about a fun new challenge as they incorporated both wood and metal.  You can check out the results of our work at many pubs around Wisconsin carrying these craft beers, but here is a quick sneak peek.     Long Lake Lifestyles Sign We also did the printing for a local company called Long Lake Lifestyles.  Again we were inspired to combine wood with bright inks.  This sign and many other lake themed signs are decorating the walls in lake homes around the country.